Iceland Tipping Calculator

Tipping in Iceland can be confusing for tourists and visitors. While tipping is not mandatory in Iceland, it is customary to tip for good service. The Icelandic Tipping Calculator is a tool to help calculate appropriate tip amounts in Iceland based on the type of service.

Icelandic Tipping Calculator

Icelandic Tipping Calculator

Who should use the Icelandic Tipping Calculator?

  • Tourists and visitors to Iceland who are unfamiliar with local tipping customs. The calculator provides guidance on standard tipping amounts for various services like restaurants, taxis, tour guides, hair salons, etc.
  • Locals who want to calculate tips quickly and easily. The tool does the math for you.
  • Anyone who wants to ensure service staff are left an appropriate, customary tip. Leaving a tip, even if small, is a nice way to show your satisfaction with the service.

Why should you use the Icelandic Tipping Calculator?

  • It removes the guesswork and confusion from tipping. You’ll know exactly how much to leave based on the typical standards in Iceland.
  • It provides tip suggestions customized for Iceland. Tipping customs vary in different countries and cultures. This calculator gives region-specific recommendations.
  • It allows you to tailor tips based on service quality. You can choose options like poor, average, good or excellent service and get tip suggestions accordingly.
  • It does the calculations for you. Just enter your bill amount and select a few options to get your suggested tip amount in Icelandic krรณna (ISK).
  • It builds in extra tip for certain types of services like taxis and hotels. The calculator will suggest slightly higher tips for these types of services where tipping a little extra is customary.
  • It allows for custom tip amounts. If you want to leave an amount other than the suggestion, you can simply enter your desired custom tip.

In summary, the Icelandic Tipping Calculator takes the hassle out of tipping in Iceland and ensures you leave an amount that is customary and appropriate for the service. When in doubt about how much to tip, let the calculator guide you.

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