Tattoo Tips: The Art of Tipping Tattoo Artists

In the world of tattoos, the intimate bond between the artist and the recipient is one that deserves recognition and appreciation. One way to show this gratitude is by tipping tattoo artists. This practice not only acknowledges their artistry and skill but also serves as a token of appreciation for the time and effort put into creating a beautiful piece of body art. In this blog post, we will dive deep into the world of tipping for tattoos, discussing the etiquette and intricacies of tipping a tattoo artist.

The Emotional Connection: Why Tipping Tattoo Artists Matters

A tattoo is more than just a piece of art; it’s a part of you. It’s something that will be with you for the rest of your life, and it’s a reflection of your identity, your beliefs, and your passions. With such a deep and personal connection, it’s only natural that tipping tattoo artists is seen as a way to express gratitude and appreciation for their work.

When you sit down in the chair and entrust your body to a tattoo artist, you are putting faith in their ability to create something that will resonate with you on an emotional level. This trust is not something to be taken lightly, and it’s important to remember that the artist has spent years honing their craft to be able to provide you with a piece that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Tipping for tattoos not only helps support the artist financially, but it also sends a message that their work is valued and respected. This can be especially important for artists who work in smaller shops or who may not have the same level of exposure as more established artists.

tipping for tattoos - tipping a tattoo artist - tipping tattoo artists
Tipping for tattoos – Tipping a tattoo artist – Tipping tattoo artists

How Much to Tip: Determining the Right Amount

Knowing how much to tip a tattoo artist can be a tricky process, as there is no one-size-fits-all answer. However, there are some general guidelines that can help you determine an appropriate amount.

Percentage-Based Tipping

A common rule of thumb when tipping for tattoos is to use a percentage-based system, similar to tipping in the service industry. A tip of 15-20% of the total cost of the tattoo is generally considered appropriate, though some may choose to tip more if they feel that the artist went above and beyond in terms of skill or service.

Keep in mind that this is merely a guideline, and you should always tip based on your own comfort level and personal experience with the artist. If you feel that a 20% tip is too much, or if you’re on a tight budget, it’s perfectly acceptable to tip a smaller percentage or even a fixed amount that you feel is fair.

Factors to Consider

When deciding how much to tip a tattoo artist, there are several factors to consider:

  • Size and complexity: Larger, more intricate tattoos typically require more time and effort from the artist, so it’s reasonable to tip more for these pieces.
  • Experience and skill: If you believe that the artist’s skill level or experience contributed significantly to the outcome of your tattoo, you may want to tip more as a way of recognizing their expertise.
  • Relationship with the artist: If you have a strong relationship with the tattoo artist, either because you’ve been to them multiple times or because they have been particularly accommodating or helpful during the process, it may be appropriate to tip more as a token of your appreciation.

Tipping Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts

Now that we’ve covered the basics of tipping for tattoos, let’s take a look at some general etiquette tips to ensure that your tip is well-received and appreciated.


  • Tip in cash: While some tattoo shops may have a policy allowing tips on credit card transactions, it’s generally best to tip in cash. This ensures that the artist receives the full amount of the tip without having to pay any processing fees.
  • Tip discreetly: There’s no need to make a big show of tipping your tattoo artist. Simply hand them the cash in a discreet manner, either by placing it in an envelope or folding it neatly.
  • Express your gratitude: When tipping a tattoo artist, take a moment to express your appreciation for their work. A simple “thank you” can go a long way in making your artist feel valued and respected.


  • Feel obligated to tip: While tipping is a common practice in the tattoo industry, you should never feel obligated to tip if you’re unhappy with your tattoo or the service provided.
  • Ask the artist how much to tip: This can put the artist in an awkward position and may make them feel uncomfortable. Instead, research tipping guidelines beforehand and make a decision based on your own experience and comfort level.

Introducing: The Tipping for Tattoos Calculator

To help make the process of tipping a tattoo artist even easier, we’re excited to introduce our Tipping for Tattoos Calculator! This handy tool allows you to input the total cost of your tattoo, and it will instantly provide you with a suggested tip amount based on a 15-20%tipping scale. You can adjust the percentage to your desired level or input a custom tip amount if you prefer.

The Tipping for Tattoos Calculator is designed to take the guesswork out of tipping and ensure that you can confidently and generously show your appreciation for your tattoo artist’s hard work and dedication to their craft.

How to Use the Tipping for Tattoos Calculator

Using the Tipping for Tattoos Calculator is simple:

  1. Enter the total cost of your tattoo in the designated field.
  2. Choose a tip percentage from the dropdown menu, or enter a custom percentage if you prefer.
  3. The calculator will automatically generate a suggested tip amount based on your inputs.
  4. Adjust the tip amount if necessary, and use the resulting number as a guideline when tipping your tattoo artist.

Keep in mind that the Tipping for Tattoos Calculator is meant to serve as a helpful tool, but ultimately, the decision of how much to tip is up to you. Always trust your instincts and tip an amount that you feel comfortable with and that accurately reflects your appreciation for the artist’s work.

In Conclusion: The Importance of Tipping Tattoo Artists

Tipping for tattoos is an essential way to show your appreciation and gratitude for the time, effort, and skill that goes into creating a beautiful and meaningful piece of body art. By following the guidelines and etiquette tips outlined in this blog post, you can confidently tip your tattoo artist and ensure that they feel valued and respected for their work.

Remember that tipping is a personal decision and should be based on your own experience and comfort level. Whether you choose to tip a percentage of the total cost, a fixed amount, or something in between, the most important thing is to express your gratitude and appreciation for the artist’s hard work.

So the next time you sit down in the chair for a new tattoo, take a moment to consider the art of tipping tattoo artists and how your tip can help support and acknowledge the incredible talent that goes into creating your one-of-a-kind piece of body art. And don’t forget to try out our Tipping for Tattoos Calculator to help make the process even easier!

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